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d'vine® is featured in various medias such as magazines, editorials, web reviews, television highlights and more.

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FOX 5 NEWS VEGASd’vine®’s Chablis Cream has been picked out by Joseph Gonnello in the “Must Have for your Bag” showcase on the Fox 5 News Vegas Channel.


ABC 6 ACTION NEWS PHILADELPHIABody Restoration Spa owner is interviewed about her Vinotherapy treatments. This spa is the first in Philadelphia to offer such services with d'vine® products.

 ABC 6 Action News

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NY Sun Club Reviews on CitySearch.comLaunch web siteMore than 30 reviews found on gracefully compliment the NY Sun Club and the d'vine® Facial Treatments.

www.gcimagazine.comLaunch web siteGlobal Cosmetic Industry highlights the Rosé Champagne Gel in their online "Finished Products" section.

www.genremagazine.comLaunch web siteSean Krebs,, visits the Delluva Spa in Tribeca, New York and discovers the joys of a complete men's facial treatment.

www.dolcedolce.comLaunch web siteDolce Dolce interviews Dr. Richard Mauer, Founder of d'vine®, about the science behind beauty and the vine.

www.pinkmemo.comLaunch web siteA special mention to the Zinfandel Scrub Mask and its quick results.

www.spareviewmag.comLaunch web siteAn interesting early review of several d'vine® products.

www.lastheplace.comLaunch web siteA nice mention about our presence at the Los Angeles Spa & Resort Expo 2007.

www.amazemag.comLaunch web sited'vine® Introduces Summer Skin Delicacies, 5/07/2007. Special mentions to the Apéritif Mist, Rosé Champagne Gel and Chablis Cream.

www.chicagobeauty.comLaunch web siteVine therapy Ripens. A beautifully written, short article about d'vine® and three key products: the Fumé Blanc Cleanser, the Zinfandel Scrub Mask and the Shiraz Firming Body Lotion.

www.spareviewmag.comLaunch web siteMarilyn Green highlights d'vine®.

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in the spotlight

d'vine™ at the 2007 MTV AwardsAmber from represented d'vine® at the 2007 MTV Awards. d'vine®'s Swarovski-crystal-covered products shared the spotlight with numerous celebrities during this event.

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