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the treatments

Treat your skin to the luxury of wine! d'vine® is a complete skincare line designed for facial, body, hand, and foot treatments for both men and women. d'vine® includes both professional products with signature treatments and spa retail products for continued results and benefits.

d'vine® is the perfect line to compliment your spa! d'vine® can easily enhance your current services and add unique treatments to your menu. The d'vine® team will help you customize treatments as well as incorporate vine therapy into your current services. The magnificient aromas and remarkable results will encourage the growth and loyalty of your clientele.

Relax with vine therapy and aromatherapy while experiencing our unique d'vine® products. Infuse your skin with the moisture and nutrients it's been longing for. The delicious fusions of wine extracts, mango, passion fruit, cinnamon oil and holly oil will delight your senses.

Indulge your skin to feel the exceptional benefits of the d'vine® complex. This antioxidant and polyphenol complex of wine, pomegranate, and grape seed extracts make powerful vine therapy products, so take pleasure in allowing your skin to exude d'vine® confidence.

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