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Vine Therapy - The grapes' seduction
The scientific concept of using grape skin and seeds for vine therapy treatments had been used for many centuries. Since then, vine therapy has greatly evolved. d'vine® contains highly potent ingredients taken from a varietal of extracts of the most powerful red and white grapes and wines. Red wines are rich in various types of antioxidants that prevent and protect against disease. They also contain polyphenols which have a positive impact on the body's vascular system, and stimulate the immune system for antiviral and antibacterial responses.

d'vine® skin and body care products are loaded with beneficial antioxidants, polyphenols, resveratrol and other nutrients that replenish and revitalize the body's largest organ: the skin. Tissues become smooth while your circulatory system is stimulated by the grapes' active elements. The sweet, sensual bloom is good to your skin and refreshing for your mind.

d'vine® was created by a physician to fill a void in the skin care industry offering a comprehensive line of medical grade vine therapy products. The attractive scents compliment the sophisticated and highly effective product line.

d'vine® products are Paraben free! We encourage healthy skin by using safe and chirally-correct extracts. The concentrations of natural antioxidants in the wine extracts eliminate the need for chemical preservatives.

We encourage you to view the following links to learn in-depth facts of the benefits of vine therapy and its active ingredients.

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